What Is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Sometimes, the care we provide at KBL Orthodontics is to help patients overcome physical health issues, like migraines, TMJ pain, neck pain, digestive problems, tooth decay, gum disease, and more.

But did you know orthodontic care isn’t strictly associated with medical care? At KBL Orthodontics, we also provide cosmetic orthodontic treatment!

What Is Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Cosmetic orthodontics is when orthodontic treatment is administered to patients with no related or underlying health conditions. This treatment is explicitly to make improvements to a person’s appearance. 

Why Do People Want It?

Smiles affect more than just your physical health. When you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it can lead to low self-esteem and isolation, which could turn into anxiety and depression. It’s also been proven that those with straight teeth have an easier time making friends, getting dates, and receiving job offers after face-to-face interviews. 

Cosmetic orthodontic care is usually sought by people looking to upgrade their quality of life and improve how they and others perceive them. At KBL Orthodontics, our team will always encourage you to love yourself and to be accepting of others, but we also understand that sometimes, you need a change.

Does KBL Have Treatment Options for Cosmetic Orthodontics?

Yes! Technically, all of our treatment options can help you achieve the cosmetic changes you’re looking for. However, we have two treatment options that are usually more appealing to cosmetic orthodontic patients because they allow for treatment to be as aesthetically pleasing as the results.

Clear Aligners

These are transparent removable trays that straighten the teeth by applying pressure. Each tray is custom-made, so you get a snug yet comfortable fit with a discreet appearance. Hardly anyone will know you’re wearing clear aligners!

People seeking cosmetic treatment also enjoy the freedom the removability provides. The trays are removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene, so patients of the Invisalign or 3M Clarity aligners are free to enjoy their regular diet, including popcorn and sticky candy, without worrying about breaking their appliances. They can also perform the same oral hygiene routine as they did before starting treatment because there aren’t brackets and wires creating hard-to-reach nooks and crannies!

On top of those great perks, clear aligner patients can remove their appliances for special occasions, like important photographs, big presentations, or the big game!

Essentially, as long as the patient can remember to keep up with and wear their clear aligners as directed, they can go through treatment with minimal disruption to their lifestyle.

Clear Braces

Clear aligners, though impressive, are not suitable for everyone. Some patients may not want to remember to wear their orthodontic appliances. Some might not qualify for clear aligners due to the complexity of their cosmetic issues. If either sounds like you, but you aren’t enthused by wearing metal braces, don’t worry! You might be a perfect candidate for clear braces.

Clear or ceramic braces are almost identical to metal braces, but not quite. Unlike metal braces, the Clarity Advanced brackets are made of a tooth-colored ceramic material blend. If paired with matching ligatures (the elastics that hold the wire to the bracket), the appliance has the illusion of being clear! It gives cosmetic patients a subtle appearance with the benefit of not having to remember to wear the appliance every day. 

The Clarity Advanced brackets have a sleek, small design, so you can straighten your teeth in style and comfort, making this treatment option perfect for adults and older teenagers who won’t be so rough on them. While not as fragile as their nickname “ceramic” suggests, they’re not as durable as their heavy-duty metal alternative. 

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KBL Orthodontics Has What You Need, No Matter Your Orthodontic Goals!

You don’t have to wait for your cosmetic concerns to become health concerns, and you don’t need an invasive, expensive, painful surgery to have a smile you’re proud of. You can start treatment today and have a smile you love in as little as six months!

Whether you want orthodontic treatment to make it easier to clean your teeth and gums, improve your bite for better digestion, or simply give you a reason to smile when you look in the mirror, KBL Orthodontics has you covered!

Our understanding and talented team is here to support you through your alignment transformation. With Dr. Lewis’s guidance, you’ll quickly, safely, and comfortably achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

To learn more about cosmetic orthodontics and to find out if you’re a candidate for clear aligners or clear braces, contact us today to schedule your zero-commitment free consultation

We love watching our patients’ smiles change over time, but even more than that, we love watching you fall in love with your reflection. We hope to see you soon!